Hey, I'm m4rrc0

This is my contribution to the web. Impressive, right?!

As you can see there is not much here yet but the goal is to build and learn in public.

I have been teaching myself web development for approximately 5 years now. Among other things I have been freelancing and creating a proto jamstack website builder.

These wanderings lead me to a lot of reflexion about what I'll call the personal web. A place on the web for you, that belongs to you and that you can control as much as you can (even if you are not a techie).

This comes with a lot of challenges but I believe we have everything we need to make it happen. Sure, new protocols and complicated tech could probably help but I will leave that to smarter people. In the meantime I truly believe that a more open web is just a burst of motivation away.

Let's use some comon sense low-tech stack. And let's start a small revolution where anyone can just easily creates its personal space on the web and connect with others.

The goal of this website is to build my personal space and to be the sandbox to create tooling for anyone to do the same.

I have got a lot of unfinished (and unstarted) articles and code snippets lying around. Hopefully there is value in it and taking the time to share will benefit everyone (including me).

Feedbacks are greatly appreciated.

Take care.